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We are pleased to offer a large selection of Palms, Cycads and Exotic
Plants from around the World.
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About Us:
    We are located on nine acres in north San
Diego County.  The nursery also has many
Palms, Cycads and other exotic plants that are
planted in a landscaped situation. About half of
the property is dedicated to the garden. You're
welcome to visit this area of the nursery to see
what we are growing and what can work for you.
    We're open to the public two times a year for
our Spring and Autumn sale so sign your e-mail
up to be put on our list.
    We strive to grow and produce the highest
quality plants possible to increase your success
for growing.
    We do deliver in the Southern California
area, so give us a call for more details.
    We are continually adding and changing new
species to our catalogs, so please verify
    We also offer cultural advice to help you in any
way that we can to aim you in the right direction.  If
you have any questions give us a call.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting our web site!

Thank You,
Jerry D. Andersen
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